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1 hour ago, jjaycee1 said: @Aimee Sanjari Nice looking airport and greatly detailed. The narrative above the FSX video says that the XP.

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The OrbxDirect website and FTX Central v3 have the ability to download the product content independently from installing it in FTX Central.

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Global Airport Pack $ AUD This freeware airport pack contains many . and is a must have if you do not have any 3rd party mesh for this area installed.

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I have downloaded and installed via ORBX Central 3 o.m. freeware airport pack. It is also registered within the scenery bibliothek. But, when I.

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I Have ORBX Airport Scenery I Installed It Then I Went In To FSX And When I did the install of ORBX PNW freeware, the FTX

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Airports; Other add-ons; Freeware; ORBX mash for Australia, Papua, and South Then, to install your new sceneries, download FTX Central.

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In case your interested in getting the ORBX Freeware Global Airport Packs. Edit: I installed both North America and the European packs.

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Looks like its all their freeware stuff. The same for me,ORBX stuff is the only reason V3 is still installed on my system. The day Vector and.

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I installed the latest ORBX libraries from FTXC3 before I installed any ORBX FTX Global Range AVSIM Library (freeware - account required).

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I was hoping that when I ran the ORBX installer I would get the option to point All it wants to do is install to the default FSX folder location and it doesn't give me .